Does the SIZE matter?

What would you do with a 2.13 meters long and 6.6 kg weight weapon? To be honest, this is such a stupid question. ¿Who use a sword nowadays? I don’t, I would not even know how to use it. To be honest with you, sometimes I cut myself acditentally with kitchen’s swords.

GRUTTE PIER GERFOLS (1480-1520)was the most feared warrior in Netherlands. You can see his over here, rather at Leeuwarden’s Frison Museum.

Following the legend, Grutte was strong as an ox.

A bloodthirsty on the battle due to a revenge for the murder of his fathers and their house destruction in 1515. This injustice make him become pitiless, coming to behead some people with a single touch.

His strength was unbelievable, he could fold a coin with his thumb, his index or the back of one hand. He was really a great candidate to win Got Talent.