The true Court of Miracles exists.


Paris / 2022
Copywriting for Trip Publishing.

           A big underground city is hidden beneath Paris’s asphalt. And I say big because the network of tunnels that build this hidden metropolis, is kilometric.
I know, it seems like sciene fiction but trust me, it’s real.

The firs time I got access I was really surprised. The adventure began coming in by a sewer. With a single rule: not separate at any time. That was dark down there, a real labyrinth. You can get lost there, be walking for some days in the dark, even get lost for ever. It was not my case, luckily.

And I get lucky when I found everything that is living down there. Endless walls that are a dream come true for graffiti artists, an operations center for all kind of satanic rituals, an old military shelter for the Second World War and crowds of clandestine techno parties that have nothing to envy the mytical European venues.

All of it, isolated from Parisian life, on the edge of legality, hidden in the night.